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Vegan Thai Red Curry with Tofu

Bored of the same rice and beans every night? Make this deliciously easy Vegan Thai Red Curry with Tofu for a quick, filling weeknight meal!

Vegan Yogurt / Vegan Dahi

THE recipe for an affordable Vegan Yogurt / Indian Dahi that tastes like the real thing! If you can make nut milk, you can make this yogurt!

Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt (Cashewgurt)

Hello all! I've been experimenting a lot these past couple of days, as I've been wanting to make really thick and tangy yogurt on my own. I don't like purchasing yogurt too much since there's a lot of plastic waste. Yes, the containers can be recycled to a certain degree, but that's not the end goal for me. I want to simply reduce my impact. Before going vegan, I used to make yogurt with regular cow's milk all the time, and it was a very simple process. This is a staple in In

5 Vegetables You Have to Try This Winter

Get inspired! Have some creative fun in the kitchen with 5 vegetables you have to try this Winter season, as they are at their peak! Winter doesn't mean sad, boring plates of carbs and more carbs. There is plenty of in-season produce you can buy at your local farmer's market that are as wonderfully nutritious as they are delicious. Here are 5 vegetables you have to try this Winter season, and recipes to go along with them! 1. Broccoli Rabe / Raab (also known as rapini , or br

About AH

Born in India and raised in America. 
Born vegetarian and self-made vegan.
Born environmentally conscious and staying that way.

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