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Eco-friendly Ways to Keep your Home Smelling Beautiful

Article by Esther Alarcon

The different types of ecofriendly air fresheners which may be employed these days at homes without causing any damage towards the environment are as follows:

  • Potpourri - Potpourri consists of a container of blended flower petals and spices or herbs. This particular container is utilized as perfume. The scent or the aroma of potpourri gets used up entirely. The potpourri can be used to add to the beauty of homes. However, it is not capable enough to remove awful odor from the air. A number of natural herbs and spices should be employed to get back the fragrance or scent back again. Cinnamon or even nutmeg can be put into the potpourri in order to give a new and fresh fragrance for the potpourri. Few sprigs of fresh new mint can also be added in order to enhance the aroma of the potpourri. Mint may also be used to help keep the ants away from houses of individuals.

  • Folks can make use of essential natural oils to further improve the scent of their homes. These kinds of oils are ecofriendly in nature and are extracted from plants. These natural oils are non-toxic in character. These natural oils must be combined with a minimum of four parts of normal water. These kinds of natural oils should not be applied on the home furniture because these oils may leave behind a stain. Additional water must be put into the mix whenever such stains are made on the home furniture.

  • Some fruits can also be used effectively to improve the scent of the homes. Fruits such as oranges, apples as well as lemons can be cut into slim circles. The fruits must be dried over a cookie sheet. These fruits must be overlaid after drying all of them over a cookie sheet. A small amount of shellac or floor polish must be employed so as to preserve the fruit. These fruits can be used as bedroom fresheners for several weeks. People could also make use of raw fruit as air fresheners.

  • Beeswax candles can also be used successfully to enhance the fragrance of people's home. These kinds of candles emit the fragrance of honey when burned. These kinds of candles are available in the market in a variety of shapes and sizes. Folks should make use of the naturally colored wax lights to prevent causing any damage towards the environment.

  • Different fragrances can also be put together in order to make a bowl set up. These arrangements can be made visible by pouring them straight into wooden shallow bowls or clear glass containers. A number of dried out herbs like peppermint, rosemary and thyme may also be included with such arrangements. To be able to get a seasonal aroma, cinnamon twigs or nutmeg could be included. A number of beeswax candles may also be placed in the middle of these bowls for purposes of adornment.


If you truly care about your future, be eco friendly []. We could do this by using eco friendly [] items and engaging in environment friendly activities. We only have one world to live in so let's stand up for it!

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