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Zero Waste Guide to Using Cloth Napkins

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

Let's get real, napkins are designed to get messy, and that's why paper napkins dominate the dinner party world today. It's easier for us to just throw them away and forget about them, rather than to throw them in the wash and hope they'll come out as clean as they were before. However, it's not so bad if you have good quality napkins that you can rely on, and the right method to clean them. Here's your zero-waste guide to using cloth napkins.

Choosing and Using the Right Cloth Napkins

Here are some tips for choosing napkins that will work with your daily life or special events.

1. Don't hoard them

You don't need as many as a hotel would need. If you regularly use napkins for dinner, keep enough for you and your family for a week (or just enough for your regular dinner party crowd). They can easily be thrown in the wash just like your clothes. However, recognize that (unless you are super messy) you won't really be dirtying them up on a daily basis. Kids have their excuses, but we don't always have ours! So save that storage space and buy a reasonable amount.

2. Only select timeless designs

Stick to the plain colors and textures. Unless you are only purchasing these for an annual themed party you host every year (such as Halloween or Thanksgiving) you really only need neutral designs.

But here are some nice themed ones, if that's really your thing.

3. Durability is crucial

The whole point of using cloth napkins is that you want to get some good usage out of them. Don't buy napkins from the dollar store that you know will end up tearing or getting smudged easily. If you buy ones that won't last, that's a lot of resources that are used up for something you'll keep throwing away and buying anew. It basically defeats the purpose.

These napkins, for example, are of hotel quality (so you know they are extremely durable), but they come in a pack of 12 and can be reused again and again if you simply wash in cold water along with similar colors.

Bonus Fun Stuff

These are really not necessary, but if you're fancy enough...

Why not have some fun?

1. Napkin Rings

If you REALLY want to impress your table guests, here are some wonderful and fun napkin rings to display them beautifully on your dinnerware:

2. Napkin Folding Hacks

There's another way to spruce up the elegance of your dinner party. Try out these insanely cool napkin folding hacks, courtesy of Blossom!

Happy hosting!

- Ah Sustainable Life

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