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Top Three Ecofriendly Lighting Fixtures

No matter what lighting fixture you install; it's going to use some energy, however, it doesn't have to be an energy hog to brighten your home. With so many ecofriendly lighting choices available, it can be hard to make the right choice when it comes to what's energy efficient and what just claims to be. Use this guide for the top three ecofriendly lighting fixtures and you're sure to get an energy saving light fixture that is both ecofriendly and stylish.

Double Duty

Any lighting option that pulls double duty as both a light and keeps you cool is sure to be an energy efficient machine. A flush mount ceiling fan with a light kit is the perfect ecofriendly light with the added benefit of keeping you cool. By installing a flush mount model, ceilings that might be too low for a conventional fan kit can easily be transformed into an energy efficient lighting option.

With the addition of an EnergyStar rated light kit, energy efficiency improves by up to 50 percent better than with a conventional ceiling fan. Throw in an energy efficient bulb like a CFL or LED lighting system and energy savings can reach over $100 a year more than when compared to conventional fan lighting systems.

Hanging and Saving

Chandeliers are often energy hogging lighting options, simply because they power so many inefficient bulbs. Small incandescent candle lights are big energy hogs even though they are rated at around 40 watts or less per bulb. Those add up when the entire unit runs together and for extended periods of time.

Florescent candle chandeliers are a great way to keep areas over the dining room and foyer looking good without wasting a huge amount of energy every time you turn them on. Compact fluorescent lighting is used in conjunction with an energy saving ballast to create the perfect elegant ecofriendly lighting solution for your home.

Fun in the Sun

Outdoor security lights that turn on automatically when motion is detected are great for keeping your home lit up when you're not around to protect it. They work great for keeping the bad guys away from your home and help light up your way when you pull into the driveway on a dark night. But more often than not, a wandering pet is what sets off the motion detector and the light will run for several minutes before shutting down.

A great energy efficient option for security lighting is to go solar. Solar powered security lighting is the perfect way to keep your home protected at night, without wasting one single bit of electricity. As the sun hits a small solar panel throughout the day, it charges a battery that runs a high powered spotlight that can last all night long without wasting a single bit of your electricity.

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By Summer Azria

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