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Green Products and Sustainable Living - The Inseparable Connection

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Sustainable living refers to a lifestyle where a person's use of the earth's natural resources is reduced as much as possible. Sustainable living can be practiced by altering the current methods of energy consumption, transportation and even by changing one's diet, thereby reducing the carbon footprint a person leaves behind.

Much of the harm done to the environment is due to the inefficient and harmful ways in which we consume our natural resources. Most of the products that we use today are not conducive to green living. For instance, the automobiles that we use today rely on gasoline which is considered to be a non-renewable resource. Our complete reliance on such a resource for all our transportation needs makes sustainable living impossible.

Likewise, the types of homes and commercial buildings we use today are highly inefficient when it comes to proper energy usage. Most of these structures use energy very inefficiently. Most buildings use conventional forms of energy that is derived from non-renewable sources. Electricity, water, cooking gas and a number of essential requirements for the home are delivered through utility companies and not generated locally in each home. This puts a strain on the earth's resources.

If everyone could start using green products, we could make much better use of the resources that we have at hand. Moreover, by switching over to renewable sources of energy, we need not worry about depleting them as they would be perpetually available to us.

Energy-efficient homes are one of the latest green products that make better use of energy. These homes use natural sunlight as much as possible for indoor lighting, instead of using electricity. Many of these homes also have solar panels to generate their own electricity instead of relying solely on the grid. Using rain water harvesting methods, and grey-water recycling, these homes make better use of water.

Green products for transportation are also being developed today for sustainable living. Automobiles that run on solar power and bio-fuels are available from many vehicle manufacturers today. Even regular car manufacturers are beginning to come out with hybrid models that use regular gasoline as well as alternate energy sources for powering the vehicle.

Our diet and the way we cook food can also be changed for more sustainable living. The preparation of certain foods requires more energy than others. Likewise, certain cooking utensils consume more energy or make inefficient use of energy than others. By modifying our diet, or using others cooking methods, we can conserve more energy in the kitchen as well.

Switching over to green products in the area of transportation, energy consumption in the home, and especially in the kitchen, we can make sustainable living a reality in our lives.


Article by Joseph Lynch - Manager of; Your source for green products for sustainable living.

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