The 10 Prettiest Holiday Cookies you've ever seen

The holidays are a time for food, family, and fun... but who ever said you couldn't combine all of those into one? These sugar cookies from various Instagrammers have the prettiest and most adorable designs I've ever seen, so I thought I'd share them with all of you. 1. Cotton Lane Bakery 2. Honey Tales 3. My Cookie Crumbled 4. 6 B's Creations 5. Dobrie Pryaniki 6. The Sugar Lion 7. The Painted Pastry 8. Holly Fox 9. Cookielicious NZ 10. Konfections and Konfetti Aren't they

What to do with Leftover Pumpkin

We're nearing the end of Pumpkin season... We all have an abundance of pumpkin-flavored meals this time of year. Naturally, we all need to buy a lot of pumpkins or canned pumpkins to use in those recipes, but what if we have leftover pumpkin? Don't over pumpkinify your dish to the point where it's going to make your taste buds give up on the season altogether! Relish that bit of pumpkin and make it into something wonderful. It doesn't matter if you have a lot or a little - ju

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