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The Best and Easiest Vegan Chocolate Mousse You'll Ever Make

This is literally the best avocado chocolate mousse I have ever had. It's so delicious that you're going to think you're totally treating yourself, but you're having something that's loaded with good fats and amazing antioxidants. I love making this for myself and snagging little bits of it as my dessert, but feel free to double the recipe if you're making this for more people. Ingredients: 1 large ripe avocado 2 tbsps maple syrup 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp instant coffee

The 10 Prettiest Holiday Cookies you've ever seen

The holidays are a time for food, family, and fun... but who ever said you couldn't combine all of those into one? These sugar cookies from various Instagrammers have the prettiest and most adorable designs I've ever seen, so I thought I'd share them with all of you. 1. Cotton Lane Bakery 2. Honey Tales 3. My Cookie Crumbled 4. 6 B's Creations 5. Dobrie Pryaniki 6. The Sugar Lion 7. The Painted Pastry 8. Holly Fox 9. Cookielicious NZ 10. Konfections and Konfetti Aren't they

Fruit Profile: Pomegranates

Through the Fall and into Winter, pomegranates are in abundance. Here's what you need to know about how to pick them, how to use them, and their nutritional benefits. Months In Season September October November December How to Pick Them Color: Look for a bright or dark red color Weight: Look for ones that feel heavy for their size Feel: Look for ones where the crown is only slightly squishy How to Store Them If you'll use them within 5 days, de-seed and store the arils in an

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Born in India and raised in America. 
Born vegetarian and self-made vegan.
Born environmentally conscious and staying that way.

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